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9 min read

Read more about our Managing Editor's visit to Code Ninja. "After spending a morning visiting one of these classes, it's no surprise to me that Code Ninjas is leading the way as the top franchise - globally - in offering coding programs for kids that are fun and educational. Across Metro Vancouver, there are 14…

Lorrie Holmes

Introducing Vancouver’s First & Only Dedicated STEM High School

5 min read

In order to tackle the large issues we are facing in today's (and tomorrow's) world, STEM skills are needed more than ever, and benefit everyone. Thriving in work and in life requires computer and data literacy skills. It's a given that future researchers and scientists will rely on these skills. Imagine a world though where…

Lorrie Holmes


6 Useful ways to Encourage your Child’s Interest in STEM 

6 min read

STEM is a hot topics right now! Parents are becoming very aware of the potential for their children if they develop these skills. The common professions are related to STEM, such as doctors, engineers, architects, etc. So, if you want to encourage your child's interest in STEM but do not know how to, we've got…

Carlie Parkinson

STEM Summer Camps

6 ways to foster curiosity, build confidence and instill a

6 min read

Humans are born curious. Our curiosity helps us make sense of the world and encourages us to learn through observation, play, and exploration AKA STEM activities. As we continue to grow, our curiosity and thirst for knowledge contribute to our ability to learn, build foundational skills and cultivate a love of learning that translates into…

Jennifer Flanagan

STEM learning

Spring Break Camps: It’s not too late to book

3 min read

As the break quickly approaches, many parents become concerned that they have missed the boat for getting a spot in Spring Break Camps. Luckily that is not the case. Here is a list of fantastic Spring Break Camps that still have spaces and will both entertain and educate your child over the two-week school hiatus.…

Carlie Parkinson

Spring Break Camp

Benefits of extracurricular activities for students

3 min read

There are seemingly endless options for after-school activities that your children can get involved in, from soccer to swimming to piano lessons. But what do your children really get out of these activities? Here are some reasons why your kids should participate in extracurricular activities, beyond the standard ‘it looks good on a resume.’ Extracurricular…

Susan Cumberland

teaching on myths

It’s time to plan the Fall activities

4 min read

Back to School is just around the corner. It's now time to stop thinking about which Summer Camps to enroll the kids in and consider which activities for them to do after school and on weekends. Will it be the same as last year? Or are you considering something new? Here are some ideas that…

Carlie Parkinson

children dancing

Bubbleology – The Science of Outdoor Fun

6 min read

Looking for an inexpensive option for some outdoor summer fun? With a little preparation, you can turn bubble blowing into an afternoon of scientific experiments. The Science: Bubbles are fascinating, no matter how old you get! Every soap bubble is a marvel of chemistry and physics. Soap (a surfactant) lowers the surface tension between liquids,…

Care Elise

kids playing with bubbles during isolation

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