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Pink Shirt Day: Important Legal Rights When It Comes to

5 min read

Bullying used to be upsetting but contained.  A victim would most often be verbally or physically bullied but once away  from the “bully”, the victim would have a reprieve until perhaps the next interaction.  Technology has resulted in a far worse form of bullying, known as “cyberbullying” which results in the victim never being able…

Jasmine Daya

Anxiousness and depression, bullying

Is it safe to post pictures of your child on

3 min read

The recent Wren Eleanor discourse is centered on the ethics of posting children on social media. This discourse is primarily fueled by other TikTok content creators who posted stitches (videos directly commenting on the original Wren videos) and commentaries offering their views: predominately, that Wren’s videos were saved by people who were sexualizing children.

Carlie Parkinson

social media

The Pheonix rises out of adversity

6 min read

A story from Sharon Selby about how smartphones/social media contribute to so much teenage angst – toxic competing and comparing which then increases anxiety and depression. I believe we need to take a stronger stance on smartphones.

Sharon Selby


3 Ways to Ease the Pain of High-Tech Parenting

6 min read

Last week, my teenager spilled a milkshake on his MacBook Air and I’m convinced it was on purpose. You see, he’s been lobbying for a PC because my current ability to satellite parent requires the household to be on Apple, lest I will have to come up with different parental controls. Parenting has always been…

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