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It was a party with The Wiggles!

4 min read

While it may have been 28 years since The Wiggles' Anthony (Field) first got kids excited to sing and dance along with simple, bouncing, bounding songs about fruit salads, hot potatoes, bears in need of bedtime, and soaring propellers, he still has at least as much energy as The Orpheum requires to fill it, in…

Thomas Parkinson

the wiggles party

Party like a Rock Star!

< 1 min read

Throwing that remarkable, memorable, truly special birthday party can be a challenge. Sure you can do a Community Centre Party or Laser Tag, but what can you do to make it stand out? https://new.bcparent.ca/2019/05/27/tips-to-plan-the-perfect-birthday-party/ If your child isn't shy and likes being in the spotlight, My Studio Party can plan a truly star-studded party for you.…

Carlie Parkinson

My Studio Party

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