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Exciting ways to harness the power of play!

5 min read

Through play, you become an active role model for your toddler. If you are not the world’s greatest crafter, scientist, and so on, it is still worth taking the time to do some projects with your kids, teaching them that you are willing to give it go. You are showing them it is okay to…

Lisa Forsythe


5 Tips to Beat Cabin Fever from Goliath Games

2 min read

How long have the kids been home from school now? 3 days? Two weeks? Since 2014? A lot of things have shifted very recently (and continue to do so) and many parents are being pushed to find new ways to entertain their kids.  The last thing any parent wants to hear is “we’re bored!” Let’s…

Gayla Grace


Why Great Games Make Your Kids Forget They’re Actually Learning

6 min read

Most of us underestimate the learning potential of games. Games don’t just promote curiosity and active problem-solving, they encourage deeper learning and high engagement. They create safe places for kids to take risks and learn to manage the emotions that come with failure. Just think, kids, replay games not just for fun, but for the…

Veronica Lin

family playing board games

7 Fun Games to Play While Camping with Kids

4 min read

Camping is an activity that many families enjoy every time. This is the time when children and teenagers are without their electronic devices and get to actually spend some quality time with their parents. Making camping fun for kids. Try including the following 7 fun games to play to keep everyone entertained. Not only will…

Caroline Bird

playing camping games

10 Classic Games or Toys for Kids

3 min read

The Top 10 Classic Games or Toys that Kids Today Should be Playing With Revised for 2017 In 2012, What To Do With The Kids® asked parents to submit their list of the top classic games or toys they felt that kid’s today should be playing with but this time we decided to ask toy…

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