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Money Talks: The Beginner’s Guide To Investing For Kids

5 min read

Financial literacy is an essential skill that helps children develop money management skills, promotes financial independence, and enables them to make informed financial decisions. It is important for children to learn about Financial concepts and principles at an early age to set them up for financial success as adults. The lack of financial education is…

Juwan Rohan

Teaching kids healthy financial habits

4 min read

A good lesson for children to learn early on is the power of saving. That $20 bill Grandma gave them can supplement their allowance, allowing for a bigger purchase in the future if they save it now. To help demonstrate the benefit of saving, brainstorm some ideas with your child about what they might want…

Woody Yang

Health financial habits

How to Instill a Positive Attitude Towards Money in Your

3 min read

Financial psychologist Bradley Klontz and his partner Sonya Britt believe the answer to that question is as complicated as we are. They say that the way we respond to money and the world around us is shaped by the generational forces of our family, culture, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

David Ash

Boy counting money

Kids are getting the money tools, but not learning how

4 min read

Kids are starting on the money track sooner than their parents did, but it’s not helping them to manage money on their own any sooner, says a new CIBC poll. The poll, which surveyed Canadian parents with children aged 24 or under, found that on average, kids are opening bank accounts, receiving allowances, managing their…

Alexa Xuereb

Boy counting money

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