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Strengthen Your Child’s Executive Functioning: 7 Strategies You Can Use

9 min read

For many people, the day after Labour Day marks more of a new year than January 1st. It is a time of considerable change for students and families.  With this shift from the summer routine comes increased demands for planning and prioritizing, remembering, organization and responsibility.  For some this is a smooth transition - yet…

Jo Stebbings

executive functioning

Want a Happy Child? Here are 10 Scientifically Proven Ways

10 min read

We've all seen the happy child who leans into life, smiling all the way, seemingly without a care in the world. How does this happen? Are they born this way, or can we teach kids ways to optimize their emotional well being?

Sarah R Moore

Happy child

Disability Tax Credit Advice for Parents with Children with Learning

7 min read

Do you have a child with a learning disability or ADD/ADHD? Is it putting an enormous financial burden on you? If yes, then this article is a must-read, because there is hope and relief for you in the form of the Disability Tax Credit! For over 30 years, the Disability Tax Credit has helped disabled…


girl with learning disability looking for letter

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