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Helpful new book series to help parents navigate meltdowns, picky

4 min read

Taylor the Toucan, a relatable character for many children dealing with everyday challenges, is the star of the book series filled with positive parenting tips. Each story focuses on familiar family issues, and incorporates educational tips, parenting techniques, and simple-yet-effective strategies along the way. The storyline allows kids to feel connected to an everyday dilemma…

Angela Wanja


CBC Kids reads shares the love of books with young

3 min read

As CBC’s great Canadian book debate, Canada Reads, returns for its 22nd edition later this month, a new generation of book lovers are encouraged to participate in the literary celebration with CBC KIDS READS, also running March 27 – 30.

Angela Wanja

CBC Kids

Great Ancestral knowledge and traditions of the Indigenous people

6 min read

The ancestral knowledge and traditions of the Indigenous peoples in this part of the world are as rich and diverse as the landscape itself. Thanks to the imagination and generosity of writers and artists working in these communities, kids from all cultural backgrounds can discover this fact for themselves, even in their very first try…

Angela Wanja

Sharing ancestral knowledge

5 Great Tips to Help Teach Babies and Toddlers to

5 min read

Here are five elements to help parents choose and use books to successfully to support communication development in infancy and toddlerhood (or at any point in early language learning):

Stephanie Cohen


Becoming a Hero: The Power of Storytelling in Child Development

4 min read

Once upon a time... If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the classic words beginning most tales are as strong as steel. Tales scare away the monsters under the bed; they teach the difference between right and wrong; they are educators and friends and soothing presences at the end of very long days.…

Emma Edger


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