Vancouver Neurotherapy Health Services Inc.

Vancouver Neurotherapy Health Services Inc.

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Improve attention, concentration, focus, cognition, learning, language and memory while having fun! We use virtual reality (VR) technology and link your physiology to the experience to teach you or your little mind how to optimize brain growth, performance, and have fun! We also offer biofeedback, neurofeedback, neurotherapy, counselling, Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology, Orton Gillingham multisensory tutoring, reflexology, Indian head massage, shiatsu, speech & language, homeopathy, as well as full pharmacy counselling services.

Call today at 604-730-9600 or visit to learn more.

Within 5-40 hours your symptoms or concerns can be reduced and relief achieved.

Vancouver Neurotherapy Health Services Inc. - BC Parent Newsmagazine
2-8088 Spires Gate, Richmond, BC, V6Y 4J6
All Ages

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