Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School

Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School

Kenneth Gordon

Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School is a non-profit centre of education supporting K-12 students with learning differences located in North Vancouver, BC at 420 Seymour River Pl., V7H 1S8. 

For over 40 years, Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School has helped kids with learning challenges build skills and develop tools to be successful throughout their lives. Our mission is to empower students by unlocking and removing obstacles to learning so that they can experience personal growth and academic achievement. Our school specializes in educating and growing the confidence of students with dyslexia, autism, anxiety, ADHD and other learning challenges in Grades K – 12 and our approach is designed to develop the whole child. You can learn more about us at: or by calling 604-985-5224.

We accept new students throughout the school year – if you are interested in learning more about our school, and think your child would benefit from our specialized program, please contact our Director of Admissions Stella Tsiknis at

At KGMS, some major accomplishments include developing programs to meet the needs of our students. Our unique program includes one-on-one tutoring, the lowest student to teacher ratio in the province, and a focus on hands-on learning. We have a highly developed physical outdoor education program, promoting movement and health for our students. Our collaboration with students and faculty at Emily Carr University of Art and Design has been extremely beneficial. Emily Carr students have redesigned our library space and student services room using the principles of Universal Design, in order to give our students an area to feel comfortable, self-regulate and take a break in when they are overwhelmed. We also have a Social-Emotional Learning curriculum, taught to address our student population with the understanding that social interaction and cues do not come naturally to them. We teach this through explicit modelling, prompting and one-on-one guidance.

420 Seymour River Pl. North Vancouver, BC V7H 1S8
1 - 3 Years
3 - 5 Years
5 - 7 Years
7 - 9 Years
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