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Gateway Theatre

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13+

Gateway Theatre
6500 Gilbert Road
Richmond, BC V7C 3V4

Main 604-270-1812


Gateway Theatre established Gateway Academy in 1991 to offer year-round performing
arts classes and summer camps for youth aged 6-18. Students get the unique
opportunity to learn inside our beautiful theatre taught by professional artists in a safe,
and welcoming environment.

In our Academy classes, students gain an understanding of themselves and others,
grow confidence, and develop communication and problem-solving skills. All the while,
they are also learning acting, singing, dancing, and speaking techniques and having a
great time doing it! What they do and how they do it is personally important to them—a
self-direction that will benefit them in everything they do.

No matter what the future holds for our students—be it as performers, scientists, or
Google employees—they will make their communities better places by bringing the
relational skills developed and learned in Gateway’s theatre classes.


We commit to play, rigour, and risk in equal measure, as we teach the craft of theatre to
students of all ages.

We support students in their development by giving them our home: a professional
theatre bustling with the best artists in the Lower Mainland, working on our stage,
behind the scenes, and in our classrooms.

We provide process-based learning as the safe, supportive environment in which our
students will grow, and we train our students to strengthen the vital skills for vibrant
self-expression. Skills and abilities are assessed according to our two great goal posts:
fullfiling your personal best while supporting the success of fellow classmates.

Because creativity isn’t just joyous (though it’s a great side-effect!), it is about striving
and thriving as individuals and as a community, and it requires generosity and respect
for others.

And as the leaders of this big, bold, beautiful process, this is our belief, our goal, and our
promise to you.

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