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Brain Power Enrichment Programs Ltd.

ONLINE LEARNING – all students across Canada!

(9600 Bathurst St #313, Maple, ON L6A 3Z8)

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Brain Power offers after-school enrichment programs for bright and gifted children in Grades 1–12. To be considered for the program, students must demonstrate good grades and high academic potential. A free assessment interview is given prior to registration as part of qualifying for the program.

All instructors are experienced teachers and professors, most of whom hold a Ph.D. in their subject area.

Online Learning

Brain Power Canada’s award-winning enrichment learning provider with the best possible online distance-learning available to students. Don’t miss out: there’s a promotion on now to save 10% off select programs, as well as, retain additional savings of up to $250 in course fees.

Brain Power is proud to offer:

  • Live interactive conference learning with classmates and instructor
  • Professional, online lessons including class materials, quizzes, homework, filmed videos and more
  • Personalized attention and detailed feedback from the instructor for every lesson
  • One-on-one unlimited scheduled sessions with the instructor

All of the above is accessible by both parents/guardians and students, and it remains available to all, 24/7.

Find more information on summer/fall online distance learning and programs.

Brain Power students stay safe in their homes while continuing to learn and enrich their powerful brains!

After-School Programs

Regular courses run September through June; sessions meet once per week and are available in three primary disciplines:

  • English Language Arts (Grades 1–12): Students build vocabulary and grammar and writing skills, reading comprehension, analysis, essay writing, and logic and reasoning; encourages a love of reading.
  • Math & Problem Solving (Grades 3–12)Students work on problem-solving strategies and techniques, critical thinking, memory, and developing a growth mindset.
  • Public Speaking (Grades 6–12): Students learn techniques in public speaking and persuasion and develop skills in presentation, negotiation, debate, speech writing, ethics and justice, and more.

Entrance Exam Preparation

Middle school and high school entrance exam preparation is offered for specialized academic programs including but not limited to UTS, IB, MaCS, TOPS, HMST, SMR, MaST, and UCC.

Brain Power offers comprehensive preparation in English, math, and science both in the summer and fall.

Summer Programs

During the summer, Brain Power offers month-long courses or full-summer courses (one or two weekly afternoon or evening sessions) in English Language Arts, Reading & Critical Thinking, Mechanics of Writing, Math and Problem Solving, Public Speaking, High School Language Arts Preparation, and Entrance Exam Preparation (English, Math, and Science).

Check out the summer lineup.


Brain Power offers an array of exciting workshops throughout the year:

Mechanics of Writing is designed to improve students’ grammar skills while teaching them how to write complex, well-researched, and effective high-school essays.

University Preparation is a four-lesson-long workshop providing complete support with university admissions. In addition to detailed instruction and feedback on applications and scholarships, the course addresses the issues of interest to university-bound students (in Ontario): choosing a university, finding and applying for scholarships, navigating the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC), writing special application essays, presenting oneself well in interviews and recorded applications, and some of the most common concerns about the first year.

Ivy League Preparation trains students (one-one or semi-private) for the Johns Hopkins CTY assessment test (SCAT) and similar Ivy League entrance examinations and strengthens spatial reasoning, English, and math skills.

Design Thinking for Engineering runs for 4-lessons to engage students in the engineering design process—teaching them to define and solve complex, real-world problems and design tested prototypes of their solution.

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