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Catholic Elementary School in Coquitlam is Laying the Groundwork for

5 min read

Tucked away in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Our Lady Of Fatima - École Notre Dame de Fatima offers its community a bi-lingual catholic elementary school that's focused on excellence in both French Immersion and English education. The takeaway here is that students are thriving academically, socially, and emotionally as they become well prepared for the challenges…

Lorrie Holmes

Academic Anxiety In Our Children Can Be Managed When We

7 min read

Understanding The Feelings Of Our Children Is Key To Guiding Them Towards Success When They Are Experiencing Academic Anxiety. Written by Marcus Lau, Cowritten by Rhiannon Lewis As parents and educators, we hold key roles in the beautiful journey of our children’s growth, from their early years to adolescence. This time in their lives is…

Marcus Lau

academic anxiety

New Children’s Book on Changing Climate Anxiety into Climate Action

5 min read

It’s hard to know how to talk to kids about climate change. Children can’t help but be aware of bad climate news, but parents must also provide comfort and hope for their future. There is reason to be hopeful, and reason to be fearful. Most importantly for kids, the loss of plant and animal life…

Carlie Parkinson


10 Classic Games or Toys for Kids

3 min read

The Top 10 Classic Games or Toys that Kids Today Should be Playing With Revised for 2017 In 2012, What To Do With The Kids® asked parents to submit their list of the top classic games or toys they felt that kid’s today should be playing with but this time we decided to ask toy…

Guest Author


5 Ways to Raise a Healthy & Adventurous Eater

3 min read

5 Ways to Raise a Healthy & Adventurous Eater Raising an adventurous eater is all about instilling healthy eating habits and a spirit of curiosity and exploration in your child at an early age. Adventurous eaters typically have an open mind and are willing to try new things. Here are five tips for parents on…

Guest Author

Healthy Eater

The Great Due Date Debate

5 min read

You’ve discovered you are pregnant and you’ve been told when your little bundle of joy will arrive! But how accurate is that date? Is there really a point to having a due date during pregnancy? It may give you an idea as to how long you have to decorate the nursery, shop for tiny cute…

Guest Author


How to balance electronics and nature?

6 min read

So many parents today complain that their kids are always inside and plugged into their electronics, and never play outside with their friends like we used to when we were growing up. They are worried their young children are addicted to their Ipad and cell phone and wonder what to do. They have every right…

Brenda Fisher-Barber


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