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Money Talks: The Beginner's Guide To Investing For Kids

Financial literacy is an essential skill that helps children develop money management skills, promotes financial independence, and enables them to make informed financial decisions. It is important for children to learn about Financial concepts and principles at an early age to set them up for financial success as adults. The lack of financial education is a growing problem. It's time to change that for a better future.

Teaching kids healthy financial habits

A good lesson for children to learn early on is the power of saving. That $20 bill Grandma gave them can supplement their allowance, allowing for a bigger purchase in the future if they save it now. To help demonstrate the benefit of saving, brainstorm some ideas with your child about what they might want to save up for. Remembering to keep things fun will yield the best results when teaching young children about money. 

Top 5 money books for your kids

You can kickstart financial literacy at home with books designed for every age to teach your kids the ins and outs of money management.

Good Reasons To Take Out a Personal Loan

Here are some things to consider when getting a loan.

Mydoh helps children manage their finances

If you’re looking for a helpful app to get started check out Mydoh, powered by RBC. It is a helpful tool to educate and show your children the comings and goings of their money while learning how to make smart money choices. It’s a money management app and Smart Cash Card (which includes a digital and physical Visa Prepaid Card ) that helps kids make their own earning and spending decisions — instilling values that help build a strong foundation for the future. Kids can learn responsibility, earn money through tasks and allowances, and spend responsibly using the Smart Cash Card. 

Alexa, How Do I Teach Mini Millennials About Money?

silent alarm of a much-needed diaper change. While you and your other half grapple with who’s taking the night shift and who gets some extra shuteye, a conversation about money will feel like your last priority.  

8 Financial Resolutions for Parents (and Those Who Want to Be)

Providing for a family is stressful. Minimizing debt, creating a budget and saving for post-secondary education ASAP are strategies that can help.

Boy counting money
How to Instill a Positive Attitude Towards Money in Your Kids

Financial psychologist Bradley Klontz and his partner Sonya Britt believe the answer to that question is as complicated as we are. They say that the way we respond to money and the world around us is shaped by the generational forces of our family, culture, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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Kids are getting the money tools, but not learning how to use them: CIBC

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