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Introducing Vancouver’s First & Only Dedicated STEM High School

5 min read

In order to tackle the large issues we are facing in today's (and tomorrow's) world, STEM skills are needed more than ever, and benefit everyone. Thriving in work and in life requires computer and data literacy skills. It's a given that future researchers and scientists will rely on these skills. Imagine a world though where…

Lorrie Holmes


What are the different types of Independent and Private Schools

7 min read

With all that’s going on in our ever-changing world, so many families seem to require extra support these days in their children's education. Luckily our province is rich with options for both private and independent schools that look and function in many different ways. Students who attend these enriched schools can be more academically challenged,…

Lorrie Holmes


School Started Today: Top 5 Things To Make Sure You’re

4 min read

The start of a new school year can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for students and parents alike. As the summer days wind down, it's essential to prepare adequately to ensure a smooth transition into the academic routine. Whether you're a student getting ready to embark on a new grade level or a parent helping…

Angela Wanja



12 min read

When we think of educational field trips choices, we traditionally start with places like art galleries and museums, and planetariums and aquariums to name a few. They are obviously great choices for children to learn from. Nowadays, the list is long for places to visit outside of the classroom where learning is reinforced in some…

Lorrie Holmes

Field Trips - teacher and class

4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Daycare For Your

15 min read

How important for you parents is the decision of what type of early learning program to register your kiddos in? It’s a bigger one than you might initially imagine as this is the bridge from home to society for your precious littles.  As hard as it is to let them go, once they reach that…

Lorrie Holmes

Exciting Back to School is coming!

< 1 min read

It’s been a great summer filled with quality moments with our families at exciting locations around the city. There are a few weeks left, but now it is time to start preparing for the school year. In this issue, we have an article to help you choose a location for a new early learner. It’s a tough…

Carlie Parkinson

Back to School

3 Reasons Why Your Child’s Eye Exam Is More Than

4 min read

While you may think eye exams are unnecessary if your child sees clearly (or isn’t complaining about their vision), it may be more helpful than meets the eye.  The importance of these exams is much more than just finding out if your child’s vision is blurry and updating their prescription. 

Carlie Parkinson

eye exam

5 key driving tips to keep kids safe during the

3 min read

The survey, part of this year’s BCAA Back to School Driving Safety campaign, showed that 74% of drivers surveyed don’t know how to tell when a school zone ends and 69% are confused about stopping in school zones. Further, more than half (60%) reported witnessing drivers acting hostile near schools and 80% reported witnessing speeding…

Carlie Parkinson


3 Tips for a More Sustainable Lunchbox

5 min read

Back-to-school is around the corner and that means back to packing lunches (sigh). With many schools increasingly adopting “Litterless Lunch” policies, the pressure is on parents to pack more eco-friendly lunchboxes. However, while research* shows that 76% of Canadians would like tips for little changes they can make in everyday life that would benefit the…

Sam Lazuric


Back to School – 9 Fantastic Fall Extracurricular Activities

8 min read

Research by the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) last year noted a significant impact on students from remote learning, including interrupted learning, increased child stress, decreased connection, increased loneliness, and mental and emotional health effects. Children need to be learning in person and participating in extracurricular activities is another important necessity.

Carlie Parkinson


4 keys to a successful Back to School Sleep routine

5 min read

The long summer days are coming to an end soon, with kids of all ages getting ready to go back to school for another year Here are 4 keys to a successful Back to School Sleep routine for all ages!

Missy Morrison Charko


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