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image of Pelvic region
Pelvic Floor Health: the low-down

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Let’s get real: sneezing when you pee and painful intercourse are not usually topics that...

Occupational Therapist and child
Occupational Therapy: Helping children learn to play

Reading Time: 8 minutes
If you thought occupational therapy was just rehabilitation programs and exercises for adults in recovery...

child trying on glasses for myopia
The Myopia Epidemic

Reading Time: 8 minutes
The chances are that when you were a kid, some well-meaning adult probably convinced you...

The Whole Child
The Whole Child

Reading Time: 6 minutes
As parents, we all want our children to get the best education possible, and we...

ER app
Is there a doctor in the house? There’s an app for that.

Reading Time: 3 minutes
With the dark days of winter looming upon us, it can only mean one thing:...

Physical Literacy
Physical Literacy - An Exercise in Learning

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Over the past few years, the concept of physical literacy has grown in popularity around...

boy-doing-homework after psychological educational assessment
Demystifying Psychological Educational Assessments

Reading Time: 8 minutes
All parents want their children to thrive. From the minute they’re born, we guide them...

Montessori then and now: still ahead the curve in education

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Our ever-changing world impacts us in many ways; even in the way, our kids are...

Technology in the classroom
Technology in the classroom

Reading Time: 6 minutes
No matter where you are from, or what your family’s lifestyle is like, there is...

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