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5 Helpful Tips to transition to a Summer Sleep Schedule

There is still a month and a half or so left of school, and it is so important to make sure that your child is still getting the adequate number of hours of sleep that they need each night. Keep in mind, that sleep aids in your child’s growth and development, affects their moods and behaviours at home and at school, and allows their cells to repair at night so that they are restored to start the next day. 

4 Useful Tips to Help Your Toddler or School-Aged Child Adjust to The Upcoming Time Change

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday at 2 am and another time change shift in the sleep schedule must happen.  Here are 4 ways to handle the time change for your toddler and school-aged children.

7 Helpful Tips to Help Ease Your Child's Fear of the Dark

Fear of the dark usually begins to show up around 2 years old and can continue without some intervention into the later years. As toddlers’ minds mature, their memory becomes longer, and their imagination develops.  They are aware that there are things out there that can hurt them. They have most likely seen a movie or been read a few books that touch on a couple of spooky or scary elements, even if they are geared towards children. This is especially common with our older children, where they have seen something or heard about something that begins to give them fears at night.

4 Tips To Save Your Child's Sleep and Your Sanity Over the Holidays

Here are 4 tips, whether you have sleep trained or not, to help you keep your sanity and your little one rested on your journey and once you arrive.

Proven Strategies to Help Your Children Deal with the Upcoming Time Change

Daylight Savings aka time change, whether it is coming to an end or just beginning, can really get under people’s and especially parent's skin.  Today, I am going to give you some tips on how to get through this dreaded time!  Many parents just try to ignore that it is even happening, therefore not assisting their child through the transition.  That’s not your fault!  Read on to learn a few strategies to make it even easier!

4 keys to a successful Back to School Sleep routine for all ages!

The long summer days are coming to an end soon, with kids of all ages getting ready to go back to school for another year Here are 4 keys to a successful Back to School Sleep routine for all ages!

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