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How to Choose a Children’s Art Class
kids making art

How to Choose a Children’s Art Class

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Over the summer, your preschooler drew on the sidewalk with chalk, got her fingers messy with paints, created puppet shows for his family, and sang along to their favourite movie. Creativity doesn’t have to end with long, sunny days. Whether you have a child heading to preschool, daycare, or kindergarten in September, or they’re joining their friends in elementary school, Fall is a bustling season. September is when many extracurricular activities kick off as well. So keep the artistic passion that fueled her all summer long going—with an art class.

The arts provide children with valuable skills like focus, critical thinking, and cooperation. By immersing themselves in the artistic process, children also flex their creativity in ways that will benefit them long term. The arts are proven to improve kids’ social, mental, and emotional development, and foster problem-solving abilities and entrepreneurial instincts.

There are many art forms and classes available for your child to participate in, so where do you start? How do you choose if your kid should try drama, sculpture, dance, or something else entirely?


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