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Help! 4 tips to re-organize clutter

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Mom and child looking at clutter

We’re all at home. There’s no escaping it! Being stuck at home has caused many moms to look around and say, “where did all this STUFF come from?” Many are trying to organize their spaces. I’m no exception, and I’ve learned a few little tricks along the way:

  1. Eat the Frog
    This concept is something I apply to my work life. The expression refers to doing the job you least like first thing in the morning. When the most-dreaded job is done, you don’t spend the whole day obsessing or procrastinating about it. It’s also a great way to approach home organization. Which job have you been dreading the most? Is it cleaning that junk drawer? Is it dealing with those toiletries that have been under your sink for a decade? Eat that frog, mama!|
  2. Lose That Sentimental Feeling
    I know we want to hold on to every craft, drawing and report card that enters our homes. Here’s the thing – the longer you hold onto that stuff, the harder it is to toss it! With six kids and lots of “stuff”, I’ve had to be ruthless, with a full recycling box every week. Every time I see my own mother, she’s handing me boxes of my junk she held onto. What am I going to do with my Grade Three report card?! I’m saving my kids the hassle of having it land on them when they’re adults. If you can’t bring yourself to clear out the crafts, you can always take a picture of it and start a file on your computer. That’s much more space-efficient.
  3. Space is More Valuable Than Stuff
    My Grandma raised a very big family in a very small house, and this was her philosophy. I live in a big house and there’s a definite downside: However much space you have, you will fill it. Try to fight that mentality. I’ve challenged myself to try to ignore that basement and all the storage space so that it doesn’t become a dumping ground of procrastination!
  4. One In, Three Out
    In trying to declutter, I’ve told my kids that when something new comes in the house, three things must leave. When they were young, it was toys and now that they’re teenagers, it’s HOODIES. Why must they want so many hoodies?
  5. The Problem with Donating
    A lot of organizations have stopped accepting donations right now. Don’t let that deter you from organizing. Collect your bags and put them out of the way. If you have a garage or basement, store them there. One day, these organizations that need donations will be so happy to take those bags off your hands.

If your organizing isn’t going so well, don’t sweat it! We’ve got loads of time and when you’ve got small children under-foot it’s hard to get anything done. Some days we’re going to be super productive, and other days – not so much. These times call for guilt-free parenting, so go easy on yourselves, Mamas! 

Julie Cole is a mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. She has helped her company bring their product to a worldwide market, gain media recognition and win countless entrepreneur awards. Cole is a regular television contributor, a sought after speaker, and a parenting blogger. Visit Mabel’s Labels for their new household labels to help you get organized.


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Enter to win a family pack of 4 tickets to Science World Earth Matters! Contest closes July 30th.

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