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The Team - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Carlie Parkinson

Executive Editor/Publisher


Carlie began publishing BC Parent magazine in 2015, after taking the reigns from Founder - Forrest Phillips. With experience in print and marketing, and a mother of two young children - 9 and 6, Carlie has produced content that she can relate to. "Whenever I find out something new that relates to parenting, I try to share it in the magazine because I'm sure other parents would appreciate the information."
The Team - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Eva Shortt

Director of Sales


Eva Shortt is the Director of Sales for BC Parent Magazine. She loves connecting parents to resources in their communities. After she had her first son she ran a parenting business where she helped parents recharge their batteries through events that focused on community building and self-care. She holds a BA from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Victoria. She is the owner and founder of Zahav PR, a Public Relations agency that helps women-led businesses tell their unique story to the media so they become visible, connected, and get results. She is a Vancouverite at heart but currently living with her family (2 boys and husband) in Saskatoon, SK. She will be making the move back to the West Coast in 2022.
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