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How Our Children Grow us Up
Page 4
Mom and daughter in leaves with tea grow up

How Our Children Grow us Up

Reading Time: 5 minutes

I am not suggesting that as parents we should never have emotional reactions. As a parent myself, I know that is near to impossible! Emotions are a vibrant and valuable colour in our lives, and they are not going anywhere! We can, however, have a different relationship and approach to ourselves and to our emotions. So, how can we as parents engage in the process of growing up?

Here are four key places to begin:

1. Get curious and give space to observe yourself. We can observe ourselves and ask: “How is this reaction
connected to my own younger part within?” To support this question, it helps to set aside our thoughts about the situation, and pay close attention our body sensations. Just as our children do, our younger parts within are calling for our attention in order to feel protected and cared for. Our attention means a lot.

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