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How Our Children Grow us Up
Page 2
Mom and daughter in leaves with tea grow up

How Our Children Grow us Up

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Another way to look at this situation is to understand that our children are drawing out our own “younger part within”. This idea may sound strange at first, however, when we consider it more closely the “younger part within” is simply a state of mind that is linked to our childhood experience. We all have this inner child part which holds an array of emotions from sadness to joy to wonder. This “younger part within” can be evoked by a current situation in our adult lives. For example, if we had experiences of not being heard as children, these same experiences as adults will often cause us upset that is disproportionate to the present situation. It is one of nature’s great ironies that as we raise our children, our own “younger part within” will appear most dramatically.

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