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Spring 2017
BC Parent Spring 2017

Spring 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes

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Spring is in the air, and we’re so relieved to have some sun and say good-bye to snow. With Spring also comes time for a fresh start and time to plan 2017.

In this issue, we’ve highlighted a couple of changes that may be critical to your child, both in learning and health!

Have you ever considered Chiropractic help for your children? I know, as a mother, I’ve definitely considered it for myself, but I now realize how beneficial it is to infants and children and the various problems it can help solve.

For learning, we took a deeper look into Montessori schooling. Now that there are Montessori schools across the province, some even going to Grade 12, this truly is an option that may fit your child for the long-term. If you decide Montessori is not a fit for your child, our Preschool Guide helps to identify some of the amazing pre-schools schools around.

For older children, now is the time to ensure that they finish their school year on a high note. Consult our tutoring guide for help getting your child excited about school again and read our piece on How to Help children who won’t willingly go to school.
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