The power to give

The power to give

power to give
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As we have been spending more time cooped up inside lately, many of us are finding ourselves in front of screens to pass the time. Whether it’s the computer, smart-phone or television, this increase in screen time means an increase in our exposure to advertisements. I’ve found it incredibly interesting and inspiring to watch brands pivot their marketing strategies to act in a socially responsible way and support frontline workers. Whether it’s through monetary donations, or by lending their facilities and resources – every little bit helps to relieve the burden! 

An amazing example of this is seen in Kia’s Power To Give initiative. Kia Canada has partnered with Food Banks Canada,  which are facing an unprecedented need amid the current global pandemic, to support hunger relief efforts across the country. They have pledged $200,000 to Food Banks Canada in order to support the good work they do in the community and are providing vehicles to help enable local food banks and their dedicated teams to continue to serve vulnerable Canadians who are experiencing food insecurity.

Through this initiative, Kia’s commitment to supporting Canadians through this challenging time is clear, and their response enables Canada’s leading hunger relief organizations to do what they do best – feed Canadians in need. This is just one great example of the many ways organizations are stepping their support efforts across Canada, and these initiatives remind us how we can all come together to support one another during this pandemic. If you can spare anything at all, please donate to your local food bank through Food Banks Canada here!




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