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How the Pandemic Has Affected Head Lice Outbreaks and 3 Useful Tips to Help You Prepare

How the Pandemic Has Affected Head Lice Outbreaks and 3 Useful Tips to Help You Prepare

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

There is no denying that head lice outbreaks in families, schools, camps, and daycares have been impacted by the pandemic. We have seen a decline in the number of cases of head lice, but cases are more severe and contained within the family unit. With social distancing, shutdowns, and restrictions, the fabric of society and the way people interact has changed causing precarious times for head lice.

I know this is good news for most parents but there is a downside to it. Head lice are the second most communicable affliction next to the common cold in children. Although cases have declined, and head lice may not be on the minds of parents and teachers, they should be. We know that head lice outbreaks will boom on the other side of Covid. In fact, head lice infestations will be on the rise like never before.

How the Pandemic Has Affected Head Lice Outbreaks and 3 Useful Tips to Help You Prepare - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Head lice have been in survival mode, and they have survived on the human species for thousands of years. The pandemic has caused lice to adapt and to become more resilient. We know lice are not going away. In fact, they will become even more prevalent in the months and years to come. 

What is a parent or caregiver to do with this information? Allow me to educate and help you be proactive by learning the “Facts of Lice” and what kind of safe and natural head lice care and product options are available.

Facts of Lice

How the Pandemic Has Affected Head Lice Outbreaks and 3 Useful Tips to Help You Prepare - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Mother checking childs head for lice with a comb
  • There are many head lice removal clinics across Canada that offer head lice screening and removal services. Not only can they assist with the process and offer products to help the DIY people, but they also educate and show you how it is done.
  • Not all head lice removal products are safe and effective. Look for remedies that offer non-toxic and natural ways of removing head lice. Products with minerals, enzymes, and essential oils are highly effective. Natural oil soaks combined with a reduction combing method are an excellent choice. Be careful of products containing synthetic or naturally occurring pesticides or harsh chemicals. Not only are these bad for people, especially children, but they are also bad for our planet. 
  • Learn how to be proactive and prevent head lice in the first place. There is a great deal of information online about how to avoid getting head lice and what to do if you happen to get them. Just be sure to source a credible and trusted resource.

Click here to get your FREE Head Lice Help Kit and learn the Facts of Lice .

Dawn Mucci is Canada’s leading head lice expert and the founder of Lice A national head lice removal franchise system that has helped over 2 million people deal with head lice. She is a mother of three, and has been featured on numerous TV, Radio, and publications sharing her knowledge and empowering women to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.




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