BC restrictions extended until Feb 5, 2021

BC restrictions extended until Feb 5, 2021

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Dr. Henry has spoken! By order and direction of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), BC restrictions have been extended until Feb 5, 2021. All events and social gatherings are suspended until Feb 5, 2021 to significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission related to social interactions and travel. 

Restrictions. What does this mean to you?

It means no playdates, no outdoor gatherings, no backyard gatherings, no indoor or outdoor events (except drive-in), no eating in restaurants with anyone outside of your household bubble.

What’s still allowed?

These activities are not considered a social gathering:

  • Going for a walk. You must make sure a walk does not turn into a group of people meeting outside
  • Parents carpooling kids to and from school
  • Grandparents providing child care
  • Public pools and public skating rinks, when not associated with an event, are allowed to continue to operate with a COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • Youth extracurricular activities like those offered by Arts Umbrella and NSST, as listed here.
  • Youth indoor and outdoor team sports for people 21 years of age and younger if they follow viaSport’s Return to Sport Phase 2 guidance 

Of course, mask-wearing is still a requirement in all public indoor settings, as outlined in the mask mandate order. A face shield is not a substitute for a mask as it has an opening below the mouth.

Now, how to fill the time on a rainy day while limited screen-time and not having playdates? Here are a few ideas to fill your weekend and keep your children busy.




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