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Family Favourites- Health

Family Favourites- Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Moving Forward Family Services All Care Site 42%
Harbourside Family Counseling 18%
Seedlings Child and Youth Counselling and Consulting 18%
Wishing Star Lapointe Developmental Clinic 14%
Sharon Selby 8%


In Touch Chiropractic 52%
Vancouver’s Pediatric & Family Wellness Chiropractor 23%
Powerhouse Chiropractic 17%
Jassal Chiropractic 7%
Pathways Family Chiropractor 1%


Thuja Wellness 54%
Olive Fertility Centre 35%
Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine 6%
Acubalance Wellness Centre 4%
Victoria Fertility Clinic 1%

Maternity and Infant Support

The Midwifery Group 33%
Pomegranate Community Midwives 27%
Pacific Post Partum Support Society 22%
The Centre for Child Development 14%
Surrey Community Birth Program 3%

Occupational Therapists

Kids First Pediatric Therapy 34%
Play 2 Learn 4 Life 27%
Monarch House 23%
We Play Kids Gym 13%
Symbiosis Pediatric Therapy 3%


Mount Pleasant Optometry Centre 31%
Maple Ridge Eye Care 25%
Lynn Valley Optometry 23%
Hollyburn Eye Clinic 13%
Perspective Vision Therapy Vancouver – Dr. M.K. Randhawa 8%


PDG Pediatric Dental Group 67%
Smile Town Dentistry 16%
Monarch Orthodontic Centre 9%
Coquitlam Family Orthodontics 4%
Dr Murdoch Ocean’s Edge 3%


Playworks Physio Port Moody 44%
Kids Physio 36%
Kinectiv Sports & Health 11%
Dayan Physio and Pelvic Floor Clinic 9%
Brent Fawdry, Maple Ridge 1%

Pediatric Dentists

PDG Pediatric Dental Group 60%
Monarch Pediatric Dental Centre 14%
Tot 2 Teen 10%
Smile Town Dentistry 10%
North Shore Pediatric Dentistry 5%

Sleep Consultants

GoodNight SleepSite 47%
Heavy Eyes Happy Hearts Sleep Consulting 24%
Dawn Whittaker 18%
Little Winks 7%
Peaceful Sleepers 4%

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