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Tips to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party
kids at a birthday party

Tips to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party

Reading Time: 9 minutes

So the big day is fast approaching. Your child has been talking about it for since the day after the last birthday party ended and now their next birthday is actually only a few weeks away. What do they want? What do you want? These are the questions to ask, and hopefully, you can meet somewhere in the middle and get that perfect party.

Every birthday planner aka Mom and Dad has different ideas about the perfect birthday party. Some love the totally hands-off where the venue takes care of everything, but the cake (which typically Dairy Queen takes care of) and others like to plan each moment, hand-make the goody bag gifts, bake the cake, and take on the role of entertainer. I personally, have done both and am leaning towards the first option.

To get the right party for your little person, you need to consider these 6 things.


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