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Start strong in September!
students at school

Start strong in September!

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Help your child to return to school with a positive mindset and equip them with study skills that will set them up for success.

Developing good study habits is not just about providing the space, time and support that your child needs to complete their school homework; it is also about preparing their mindset so that it is easy and enjoyable for your child to integrate themselves into the school routine.   

Who doesn’t remember those back to school rituals:  new gym shoes; new stationery; the delicious smell of a fresh, clean planner? (Okay, well maybe that last one is just me). Whether those few frantic weeks of preparation after the long summer vacation filled you as a child with dread or excitement, make the anticipation of returning to school (or starting a new one) a positive experience for your own child.  Here are several strategies to help start your child off on the right foot.


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