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Pear Tree Elementary expands to include middle school!

Pear Tree Elementary expands to include middle school!

Pear Tree
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Established in 2011, Pear Tree Elementary has been leading the way in the Lower Mainland ensuring their students are learning 21st-century skills and developing the confidence that will enable them to excel in and out of the classroom.

In September 2021, Pear Tree Elementary will expand the school to include a Middle School Wing for students up to Grade 9, as part of their longer-term expansion to offer up to grade 12 in the coming years.

With a maximum of 16 students per class, the classroom composition will be divided as follows:

  1. Early Years Program: Kindergarten-Grade 1
  2. Primary Years Program: Grades 2 – 3
  3. Intermediate Years Program: Grades 4 – 5
  4. Lower Middle Years Program: Grades 6 – 7
  5. Upper Middle Years Program: Grades 8 – 9

*Grades 10 -12 will be added as their students progress towards Grade 9.

The existing facility will be expanded to over 5,000sq ft and will include 5 classrooms. The custom built space provides a learning environment that is bright, modern, and welcoming. Classrooms are equipped with the latest in interactive SMARTboard technology and filled with endless tools to foster a love for learning. Intimate by design, but with an open concept that encourages the collaboration and hands-on learning that they believe in so strongly.

Pear Tree’s team of masters-educated teachers follow a powerful methodology that not only fosters academic excellence but nurtures a child’s individuality, builds confidence, and cultivates a well-rounded skill set that will benefit them for life.

What makes Pear Tree Elementary stand out?

Pear Tree Elementary expands to include middle school! - BC Parent Newsmagazine
  1. Theme-Based Learning: Subjects are meaningfully integrated with one another and taught throughout the day, every day. Lessons are built around themes and projects that incorporate multiple academic subjects in a holistic manner. Any given lesson will include multiple skills, new concepts, and practice in any combination of the academic subjects.
  2. A combined grade approach provides students with an environment more conducive to learning.
    Research demonstrates that children in combined grades:
    • Have access to a greater range of academic potential and influence
    • Stronger teacher-student connection
    • Develop stronger social-emotional skills
    • Conduct more collaborative and independent learning
    • Display greater feelings of comfort, security, and a positive self-esteem
    • Develop more positive peer interactions
    • Have more natural opportunities for student leadership
  3. Physical Literacy: Their program extends beyond traditional activities like basketball, volleyball, and soccer to include a more diverse and rewarding range of activities including martial arts, swimming, yoga, ice skating, sailing, dancing, and more! During this time, students are learning about both academic and socioemotional concepts, like human kinetics (science), math, strategy, teamwork, psychology, leadership, and perseverance.
  4. Healthy Hot Lunches: What a child eats and drinks determines their academic, social-emotional and physical performance. Therefore, healthy eating is critical for children to reach their full potential. The hot lunch program has been designed in collaboration with a holistic nutritionist and their own in-house chef to ensure that all food is nutritionally well-balanced, local, and seasonal.
  5. An unparalleled quality of teachers: All of Pear Tree’s teachers are masters-qualified – demonstrating the knowledge and growth mindset promoted by Pear Tree Elementary. They are experienced in the British Columbia provincial curriculum and embody the values and beliefs reflected in Pear Tree’s program.

Students are appropriately challenged academically, socio-emotionally, and physically in every aspect of the school day, from arrival to dismissal.

To help you better understand and appreciate Pear Tree’s amazing approach to education, they offer a combination of in-person open houses and private tours. You are welcome to sign up for either or both of these through their website.

Pear Tree Elementary
215 – 2678 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Pear Tree Elementary is certified by the BC Ministry of Education as a Group 3 Independent School: Certificate No. 3996918




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