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3 Free learning resources

3 Free learning resources

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With schools closing to help stop the spread of coronavirus, millions of kids will be at home and you may even be their new substitute teacher. If you’re new to homeschooling, you’re probably wondering how you can help your children learn and keep them occupied while you work from home too.

It’s especially important to make certain this health crisis doesn’t impact student achievement or leave any student behind.

Here are a few homeschooling resources:

  • Knowledge on the Go features video lessons across math, English language arts and science subjects provided by Great Minds.
  • Scholastic Learn at Home – Arranged in interesting articles, students K-9 will learn about a particular subject that also includes elements of math, science, and social studies. Scholastic Store Online has pulled together a boutique of books for special learning journeys at home. They’ll be adding to this collection each week. There are also free worksheets.
  • Khan Academy offers resources for ages 4-18. They are also offering Facebook Lives at 9am PST to help parents navigate the current challenges and have a recommended schedule for parents to follow, based on their child’s age.

Additional Learning from Home Tips:

  • Designate and/or set up a place for your child to work.
  • Discuss with your child how they will handle schoolwork and limit distractions.
  • Plan ways in which your child can exercise at home or get some type of physical activity.

For some great downtime and mindfulness development, why not get colouring! Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health has offered a free book of Mandalas to work with. Mandalas help with relaxation of the body and mind, activation of creativity, improvement and enhancement of focus and clarity, centering and connectivity and it’s fun!

Remember to keep calm and we will all get through this. Here are 12 tips to help your family thrive during this period of isolation.

Please share any other resources that you’ve benefited from. We all need to learn together.

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