Dinner is almost ready!

Dinner is almost ready!

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I’m not sure how you feel about preparing dinner for your family. I, personally, kind of dread it. For some reason no matter what I cook, pasta excluded, it takes me 1.5 hours to get dinner on the table. I’m not a particularly good cook either, following the instructions exactly is not really my style.

When I heard about HelloFresh I was ecstatic. The idea of most of the work being done for me sounded amazing! When I looked at the meal options I was salivating. So how does HelloFresh work?

  1. Choose your meals – these delicious recipes and tried and tested with variety, which often doesn’t come out of my kitchen. There are a number of “family-friendly” recipes. They even offer “clean 15” if you have dietary restrictions.
  2. Create the perfect box – add some extras like Garlic Bread.
  3. Get convenient weekly deliveries – a box of everything you need for dinner is dropped of at your door.
  4. Cook seasonal, fresh ingredients that when put together taste delicious.

If you’re feeling lucky, enter our contest to win a box from HelloFresh which includes up to 4 meals! The contest closes Sunday at 11pm!

FYI – The maximum value of a box is C$164.98. The prize must be accepted as awarded and is not transferable, substitutable, refundable, assignable or convertible to cash. In order to redeem the free box customers would have to create a HelloFresh account, which will enroll them into an auto-renewing weekly subscription which can be canceled at any time in accordance with HelloFresh’s T&C. Please visit hellofresh.ca for more information.

Not feeling lucky? Get a $80 Discount ($50 – $20 – $10) Including Free Shipping on First Box with the code BCPARENT80 here!

One offer per household for new customers only. You will receive $40 off your first box and free shipping (valued at $9.99), $20 off your second box, $10 off your third box. Deal valid with purchase of 2 or 4 person meal plan where HelloFresh delivers in Canada. Upon redemption, you will be enrolled in an auto-renewing subscription which you may cancel at any time in accordance with our T&C. Please check hellofresh.ca for more information.

Just like the meals from HelloFresh, whichever option you choose is a win. Take the stress out of dinner preparation tonight!

Happy Eating!





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