Skateboard Summer Camps – Something out of the norm!

Skateboard Summer Camps – Something out of the norm!

Evolve Skateboard camp
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Every Summer, we deliberate what activities will fill our children’s day. Will the activities be the usual playtime, snack time, etc. or will they be learning something new? How about something new like a skateboard and scooter camp?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, BC has a new addition to Summer Camp options with Evolve Camps. If your child is a little more adventurous and is looking for something to challenge them, Evolve is definitely a good fit! It’s also a perfect fit for children who want to skateboard or do more challenging scooter tricks, but don’t have a parent that is equally adventurous or skilled to teach them.

At an Evolve Camp, boys and girls aged 6-14 get a tour of their area and its different skateparks, with a new location every day of the week! The Evolve buses are on the road by 7:30 in the morning to pick up campers from a convenient pickup spot near you, then transport them to a skatepark for the day. Campers work side-by-side with qualified coaches to develop a strong skateboarding or scootering foundation throughout the week. Each day campers receive personalized instruction and participate in lots of other fun activities like a yoga-based warm-up to ensure the ultimate Evolve experience. And based on the parent testimonials, the Evolve experience is one that can’t be missed.

“We think Evolve has a great thing going here. That the kids are given the opportunity to try new skateparks across the city and consequently gain a huge amount of confidence is just excellent. And to be outdoors all day is the best.”
– Valerie R. (Calgary, AB)

Action Sports camps are a way forward. From Taekwondo, Mountain Biking, to now Skateboarding and Scooting, action sports camps provide an opportunity for children to get new experiences, gain confidence, and most importantly, have fun!

Evolve Camps was founded by three skateboarders who grew up skateboarding and participating in action sports so they know their stuff. Recognizing there were no camps or places to participate in skateboarding/scootering lessons, co-founder Daniel Rinzler started the camp to increase the growth of all action sports for kids in a safe environment. They started off with just 8 campers in Ontario and over the last 10 years and camps have been so popular they have brought the program to British Columbia including Richmond, Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna, and Whistler. They also offer courses across Alberta and, of course, throughout Ontario with future plans to expand to other Provinces and California in the future.

So as you’re contemplating what to book for your child this summer, think outside the norm and see if your child would like to give skateboarding a try. Let them try out some much needed, risky play and learn some new skills.







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