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Field Trips with DIY day camp

Field Trips with DIY day camp

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Are you undertaking a DIY day camp? A field trip is a great way to fill your day. Here a couple things to keep in mind.

Getting there

Mini-Van: If you’re considering taking the kids on a field trip and are fortunate enough to have a mini-van, don’t forget to think about booster seats. Plan ahead and get each parent to drop off their booster seat when they drop off their child.

Public Transit: A bus ride can be an adventure all by itself. Find out if the other parents have taken their child on public transit. If they have, they may already have a compass card. If you’re sticking to the bus, you can keep using cash, bus transfers and FareSavers on buses, but you’ll need Compass to transfer to rail or SeaBus.


Think about taking the kids to the beach, a museum, or a park. Don’t venture too far, aim for no more than 15 minutes travel time. Plan a picnic or arrange with the other parents to send a packed lunch. Make the outing the entire day camp.


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