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Do you love yourself enough?

Three-time award-winning author Shantelle Bisson was born and raised in Toronto and splits her time...

New Children's Book on Changing Climate Anxiety into Climate Action

It’s hard to know how to talk to kids about climate change. Children can’t help but be aware of bad climate news, but parents must also provide comfort and hope for their future. There is reason to be hopeful, and reason to be fearful. Most importantly for kids, the loss of plant and animal life is a deeply felt grief. Kids want to talk about climate change, and they look to their parents to provide wisdom and guidance. Here are some books to help.

Powerful Pairs

Have you ever read about a mother-daughter duo that totally knocks your socks off? I have just come across Powerful Pairs, a book about incredible mothers and daughters that is truly eye-opening. 

Excerpt from The MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology

It all started with a cup of coffee. Well, actually a box of coffee. Like wine, the box is cool.
As a second time mom, I knew how important it was for me to establish mom friends. My sister Carolyn and I had always imagined we would have children but never imagined we would be on maternity leave at the same time. With a five year gap between my first and second it felt a little like being a “new mom” all over, except I knew from experience that one day I would sleep again.

A woman with a mission to end childhood bullying

Kool to Be Kind - a picture book written to shine a powerful light as to why some children become bullies. By encouraging a shift from reacting negatively towards bullies to pro-acting with kindness, understanding, and empathy, this book was written with hopes of causing a ripple effect of kindness and decreasing the incidence of childhood bullying.

Sharing Greta Thunberg's Story with Kids through Children's Books

Greta Thunberg is all over the news lately, from being named Time’s 2019 Person of...

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