5 Tips to Beat Cabin Fever from Goliath Games

5 Tips to Beat Cabin Fever from Goliath Games

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How long have the kids been home from school now? 3 days? Two weeks? Since 2014? A lot of things have shifted very recently (and continue to do so) and many parents are being pushed to find new ways to entertain their kids. 

The last thing any parent wants to hear is “we’re bored!” Let’s talk about how to alleviate the inevitable cabin fever – for everyone.

  1. Set Aside Time for Tech-Free Time 

    Family game time is an excellent way to bring families together and get conversations rolling. Take time away from the screens use board games for formulating strategy, sequencing, patterning and planning skills. Rummikub and Sequence are classic board games guaranteed to bring hours of fun!

  2. Teach Them Age Appropriate Chores 

    Unload the dishwasher together or set aside some time to dust the living room. Keep them involved in the household chores and teach them responsibility. Take them for a walk, while staying 6 feet away from your neighbors, and let them clean up after the dog. Doggie Doo is a great alternative for those without family pets!

  3. Stick to the Routine

    Although it may be tempting, keep the alarms on and make sure they stick to their regular wake time. Have set mealtimes and no pajama days – unless it’s the weekend! Days may be blending together but try to keep the structure in your household.

  4. Get Creative

    Bring outdoor games to the living room! Use the Soccer Slider to stay active indoors. Safe to play indoors and tons of fun for hours. Kids can practice their kicks or challenge Mom and Dad with this gliding, soft foam slider that turns any smooth surface into game-time!

  5. Have a Dance Party

    Dancing makes people feel good and is a great break from your kids Netflix binge! Turn on the music and start grooving. Check out Dance Charades and watch as your kids bust their best dance moves!

What games are you playing to keep your kids entertained? 

Goliath Games has been dedicated to creating toys and games that inspire young minds and adults alike to reach beyond their imagination. Goliath is an international manufacturer and distributor of toys and games, with its headquarters in the Netherlands and its North American division in Plano, TX.




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