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Exciting IG and Facebook Lives!

Exciting IG and Facebook Lives!

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On the theme of #Physical-distancing and not #Social-distancing, we are listing a few IG Lives that are happening. These are great ways for your children to connect and enjoy a fun activity. Many BC companies and organizations are doing a great job of providing some entertainment for all.

Here are some new entries.

The Royal BC Museum has launched three new webinar series—RBCM@Home, RBCM@Home (Kids) and RBCM@Outside—so British Columbians can stay connected while staying apart. RBCM@Home takes place every Wednesday from 11:00 am to 11:30 am. The webinars will be streamed live on Zoom and on the museum’s Facebook page  Additionally, each session will be recorded and uploaded to the Royal BC Museum’s YouTube channel later that week at Yesterday’s session of drawing dinosaurs is on YouTube now.

Here are a few other regulars that post regularly.

Fairy Skye – New Princess videos every Tuesday and Thursday
10am Yoga with @harmonykidsyoga – on going every day
Check is with @Outoftheraincharacterevents for their regular princess activities.



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