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How to Choose a Children’s Art Class
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kids making art

How to Choose a Children’s Art Class

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Does the Class Expand from School or Home?

Do you make art a regular part of your day at home? What classes has your child been taking at school? When choosing an extracurricular activity, expand upon what your kids are already doing at summer camp, school, or home.

Familiarity with an art form can make a new class way less scary for a child. If he dances around your living room every morning, jumping into a hip-hop class might be an easy transition. Does she play games on your iPad? A class in video game art or cartoons may hold her attention.

If this fall will be your child’s first art class, find out if anywhere offers opportunities for parents or guardians to stay in the classroom. Having you there can make the class more comfortable. It’s also an opportunity for you to share your love of the arts with your child.

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