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How to Choose a Children’s Art Class
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kids making art

How to Choose a Children’s Art Class

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Start with the Outcome

Instead of starting with the class, start with your desired outcome. What are you hoping your child gets out of her art? Is she shy around other kids? A theatre class may help her to vocalize and share her ideas with others. Does he have a lot of energy to spare? A dance class may teach him how to focus his energy and use it with purpose.

Art can be used to help kids better understand language, math, abstract patterns and visualization, body-kinesthetics, tonal patterns, sound, and rhythm, interpersonal communication, and intrapersonal understanding. When children experiment with new media, they learn to think abstractly and begin to understand the science of material interaction. By counting colours in a painting, frames in a film, or notes in a song, children learn basic math. Feeling free to create and explore gives children self-confidence. By working in a group of peers, students develop communications skills. Working on a project, children discover how concentration and dedication can produce an incredible finished product. Whatever the outcome you’re looking for, there’s an art form that can help bring out these qualities in your child.

girls playing with paint

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