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5 Tips to Inspire Creativity at Home

5 Tips to Inspire Creativity at Home

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

Looking for ways to encourage artistic creativity at home? These five ideas will help light that spark.

  1. Get Moving: Movement will get you and your kid warmed up and ready to tackle any challenge. Make a story out of it to really get the creative juices flowing. Maybe you move from room to room, traveling the galaxy, and you need to move a certain way on each planet. Encourage him to make suggestions.
  2. Let Them Choose: Ask your child what they want to do as an art activity. Avoid giving direction, so they feel empowered to make decisions. Once she’s chosen an activity, encourage her to try new things, like a different kind of paper or brush in painting, or adding other materials to make a sculptural creation.
  3. Get Messy: Art can get messy. Prepare your space by laying out a sheet on the ground or clearing an area where you can work or move. This cue tells your kid it’s time to create without holding back. Encourage them to help you clean up at the end. The routine will teach them focus and discipline.
  4. Be a Good Audience: If you’re creating a puppet show, dance show, or other performance, take the time to be a good audience. Your attention demonstrates your support for their creative pursuits. If you have more than one child, encourage them to create something together. But even if they create separate shows, lead by example and ensure each child gets the focus on them while they perform.
  5. Talk About Art: Encourage conversation about your child’s art by asking them to tell you about their creation or why they made a specific choice. Find out what inspires them and provide positive feedback about these influences, no matter how small.




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