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Resource Guide 2017 Cover

Family Resource Guide

Looking for places to go, people to see, party places? Be sure to check out our comprehensive guide to Family Fun, Birthday Parties, Home, Education, Classes and Programs, Summer Camps and Family Health! All the contacts a BC parent needs to know for 2017. Read the issue here!

BC Parent Spring 2017

Spring Issue 2017

Click here to read now! Spring is in the air, and we’re so relieved to have some sun and say good-bye to snow. With Spring also comes time for a fresh start and time to plan 2017. In this issue, we’ve highlighted a couple of changes that may be critical to your child, both in…

Girl getting chiropractic help

Straightening up – Chiropractic help for your child

Getting chiropractic help for your child I did not grow up in a “chiropractic family”. I don’t think I even really thought twice about the word or profession until I was part way through my Kinesiology degree, and a student from a chiropractic college came to speak to our SFU Pre-Med group. Her description of…

Family looking at devices not unplugged

Unplugged and Unbothered

Organize your electronics for a happier and healthier home If you spent 2016 lost in your electronics you’re not alone. It’s said that two thirds of Canadians own a smartphone and children average more than seven hours a day looking at screens. As 2017 starts, Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) say it is time to…

children cooking and practicing life skills

Importance of sewing and cooking skills

To a busy parent rushing to put a weekday meal on the table or trying to find a few, free minutes to sew a button on their child’s shirt, the prospect of teaching their kids life skills such as sewing or cooking may seem an impossible task. Experts advise starting slowly with simple, easy, fun…

child sits with mother for brain training

Training Your Child’s Brain

In many ways, parents are the coaches of a young child’s Brain Fitness Regimen! Like professional coaches, it is important for parents to employ physical exercises and activity which encourages and stimulates both sides of the brain. Movement and visual exercises, which cross the mid-line of the brain and systematically work both left and right hemispheres, are very important to promoting the development of…

a group of moms and babies form a babysitting circle

Time to Enlist a Babysitting Circle!

On a recent trip to the UK, I was asked by my Mother in Law if I had a babysitting circle? I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, and when I Googled it I realized I didn’t have one and wow did I ever need one. What is a babysitting circle, you ask? Well,…

Boy playing in leaves. Education Issue. Cover of BC Parent Magazine October Issue 2016

Our latest issue – Education 2016

As fall rolls in and the weather changes from bright, sunny days to gloomy, shorter days, our focus also changes from outdoor activities to the education of our children. The first official feedback is coming from schools soon, and you may now be aware of some potential problems/struggles your child is facing. In this issue, we’ve pulled together some…

Peakaboo Beans 10th anniversary party with mompreneur Traci Costa

Mompreneur Series – Interview with Traci Costa, founder of Peekaboo Beans

We’re excited to interview Traci Costa, founder of Peekaboo Beans in this edition of our Mompreneur series. The company is celebrating their 10th anniversary this fall with a special collection. Peekaboo Beans began in 2006 when founder and Mompreneur Traci Costa, unable to find quality, cute playwear that would allow her young daughter to explore, grow…

young girl smiling and studying for school

How to Help Your Child Transition Back into the School Year

It’s August and the Back-to- School commercials have begun! The discussion about September is underway and you start to wonder how to prepare your child for the new school year. As a teacher and founder of the tutoring company Teachers to Go, I know that the summer can be a hectic time for parents, regardless if you are…